21 | 04 | 2019

Statement on the meeting between the Armed Forces and the liaising delegation representing the forces signatory to the Declaration of Freedom and Change

Our Noble People,

First, we confirm that we have received several observations which express concerns regarding the representation of the liaising delegation. These observations demanded a fair inclusion of the different regions of Sudan, plus women and the various revolutionary bodies that reflect the unique diversity of our country. These are limitations which we apologize for and promise to correct immediately. It is your revolution and it is you who make decisions first and foremost. We do not lead, but express your hopes and aspirations and strive to be up to this great responsibility.

Sudanese CP Arabic- Millions of Sudanese people have defied the military curfew and occupied the square in front of the army headquarters.

- the Forces for Freedom and Change defy the “military transitional council” and demand immediate handover of power to the representatives of the people.

- Albashir is gone, but the regime stays.

We reiterate our utter rejection of Thursday’s April 11 internal coup d’état, and its military council follow up press conference. This rejection is informed by the people’s experience and familiarity of the various forms of trickery, absurdity, and farce, particularly from the current regime, who from the very start of its reign did so through false propaganda.

Sudanese dictator Omar Hassan Al-Bashir, who ruled his nation for 30 years after coming to power in a military coup in 1989, was forced to step down by his country’s military on Thursday, April 11, after months of popular protests against his regime. Sudanese armed forces also arrested Prime Minister Mohamed Taher Ayala and the head of the ruling National Congress Party, Ahmed Haroun, along with dozens of other Sudanese officials, a top military official with direct knowledge of the situation told CNN.

Joint Statement of the Forces of the Declaration of Freedom and Change

The regime’s forces, today 11th April 2019 have executed an internal, military coup d’etat, through which they reproduced the same faces and institutions that our courageous people have revolted against. Those who have ravaged our country and massacred its citizens intend to steal every drop of blood and sweat that the Sudanese people have shed in their glorious popular revolution.

Our glorious people,

After our struggle and perseverance for more than four months, filled with blood, sweat and tears, we urge the masses to mobilize, continue and enhance the sit-ins. We assert that the people of Sudan will not accept anything less than a civil transitional authority composed of a patriotic group of experts that was not involved with the tyrannical regime.

The leadership of our people’s armed forces ought to handover power to the people, according to what was expressed in the declaration of freedom and change.

The Sudanese Professionals Association has received many signals and statements that the rank and file of the RSF (Rapid Support Forces) and other militarized forces have joined the revolution. As a matter of fact, honorables of SAF (Sudanese Armed Forces) and the police are already on the frontline; supporting and protecting the popular revolution. Their position has brought great relief to the masses. This was a consequence of the trust enmeshed and woven with the blood of martyrs. Our revolution is primarily one against the lingering heritage of criminality and corruption characterizing the rule of al-Bashir and his junta. The regime has rooted its corrupt practices deep into the Sudanese state, and divided the people and displaced them, to the point where the country is now standing at the precipice of collapse.

The Forces of the Declaration of Freedom and Change

The masses of our great people have stayed their course, steadfastly, in the battle for freedom and change. Sweat and blood of women and men marked the grounds upon which they stood, and no one on earth can bring them to their knees. The regime practiced the worst forms of violence against defenseless civilians who came out demanding their freedom and dignity and held on to nonviolent direct action, unshaken by the regime’s tyranny. The battle that took place on the dawn of Tuesday (April 9th) proved that this regime is beyond the worst of suspicions when it sent its militias attacking the protesters with bullets and tear gas in cold blood.

In the early hours of today, the 9th of April 2019, forces of the National Intelligence and Security Services (NISS), backed with Islamist militias, attacked peaceful protestors in front of the Headquarters of the Armed Forces, where a massive sit-in began on the 6th of April and continues to this moment. This attack, which lasted for over two hours, was the third of its kind since the beginning of the sit-in, but this time it was more violent and on a larger scale, leading to several casualties. Members of the armed forces intervened again to protect the protestors but after some delay. NISS forces are still attacking groups of peaceful protestors who are trying to join the sit-in.

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