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  • Tens of Thousands Attend Massive Anti-Netanyahu Rallies Nationwide

    Protests against far-right Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu continued nationwide on Saturday evening, August 8, with tens of thousands of people gathering outside the Prime Minister’s Residence on Balfour Street in Jerusalem. In addition, approximately 1,000 demonstrators stationed themselves at a main intersection exiting Caesarea, site of Netanyahu’s private residence, to assure that he would have to pass them as he was driven back to Jerusalem on Saturday night. Among the protestors in Jerusalem was Joint List MK Ofer Cassif (Hadash) and numerous activists from Hadash, the Communist Party of Israel, and members of the Young Communist League.

  • President Mahmoud Abbas Meets Hadash Delegation in Ramallah

    The President of the State of Palestine, Mahmoud Abbas (Abu Mazen), received at his presidential headquarters in Ramallah, Friday evening, August 7, a delegation from the Democratic Front for Peace and Equality (Hadash) headed by MK Ayman Odeh, leader of the Joint List and the General Secretary of the Communist Party of Israel, Adel Amer.

  • MK Ayman Odeh Warns of Possible Beirut-Like Mass Disaster in Haifa

    The leader of the Joint List, MK Ayman Odeh (Hadash), voiced concern on Wednesday, August 5, that the “horror scenario” gripping Beirut could potentially take place in the northern Israeli port city of Haifa.

  • Netanyahu: Annexation Not Off the Table, Needs White House Backing

    Far-right Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu told members of his Likud party Monday, August 3, that plans for annexation of parts of the occupied West Bank is “in Washington, it’s not off the table,” and that the “possibility still exists,” adding that the White House “needs to back it.”

  • Racist Netanyahu Incites against Hadash MK Odeh’s Part in Protests

    Joint List IsraelFar-right Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu and Joint List leader, MK Ayman Odeh (Hadash) publicly exchanged personalized political acrimony on Sunday, August 2, over the latter’s participation in a mass anti-Netanyahu protest in Jerusalem, Saturday night alongside Hadash MK Ofer Cassif (Joint List).

  • Police Break Up Largest Anti-Gov’t Rally Yet in Jerusalem, Detain 12

    redglobePolice attacked activists thronging the streets outside the Prime Minister’s official residence in Jerusalem at 1 am Sunday’s morning, using force to disperse several hundred protestors who refused to leave the site. Twelve were detained.

    An estimated 15,000 people had packed Jerusalem’s Paris Square Saturday night to call for far-right Benjamin Netanyahu’s resignation, in the largest-yet rally by a burgeoning anti-government movement that has brought activists, many of them young and newly politically active, to the streets.

  • Fascists Attack Activists Decrying Police Brutality & Security Minister

    redglobeSeveral far-right hooligans violently attacked protesters late Tuesday, July 28, as they demonstrated outside the Tel Aviv home of Public Security Minister Amir Ohana who had been exposed pressuring police brass to step up enforcement against demonstrators against Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu. At the same time, hundreds of protestors continued the campaign outside Netanyahu’s official residence in Jerusalem calling on the longtime leader to step down. Protests opposite the PM’s residence have been going on for more than a month.

  • Mosque near Ramallah Torched by Settlers in New Hate Crime Attack

    Joint List IsraelJewish settlers vandalized a mosque and attempted to set it ablaze on Sunday night, July 26, in the West Bank Palestinian city of Al-Bireh near Ramallah according to Al Ittihad, the Arabic-language daily Communist newspaper.

    MK Ayman Odeh condemned the attack and held Israel responsible. “It’s the fruit of the criminal occupation,” said the leader of the Joint List, and called on the Israeli authorities to swiftly bring those responsible for the crime to justice.

  • Tens of Thousands Protest against Netanyahu throughout the Country

    Tens of thousands of demonstrators took to the streets across Israel on Saturday evening, July 25, in protests largely demanding the resignation of far-right Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu over his indictments on graft charges, as well as castigating his neoliberal government’s handling of the coronavirus pandemic. This was the latest in a series of rallies that have ratcheted pressure on Netanyahu and his governing coalition.

  • Knesset Passes Dictatorial “Great Corona Law” Demanded by Gov’t

    Joint List IsraelIn the early hours of Thursday morning, July 23, Israel’s Knesset passed a draconian law that grants the far-right government extensive powers to impose wide-ranging restrictions aimed at curbing the coronavirus pandemic, but by potentially impinging on basic civil rights and effectively circumventing parliamentary oversight. Forty-eight MKs voted in favor of the legislation, 35 voted against it – among them Joint List lawmakers. The law will take effect on August 10, when an interim coronavirus law approved earlier this month expires. The new law will be in effect until June 30, 2021.

  • Social Workers End Strike after Winning Significant Raise in Wages

    Social workers ended their 17-day strike on Wednesday morning, July 22, after reaching an agreement with the Finance Ministry for higher salaries and funding to provide protection for workers when on the job. The end of the strike means that an estimated 1.5 million people will now be able to get the social services they so desperately need during the coronavirus pandemic. Social workers had struck to protest  the collapse of social services, a huge caseload of hundreds of families per worker, low pay and unsafe working conditions.

  • Thousands Protest in Jerusalem & Haifa

    Joint List IsraelThousands of protesters gathered outside far-right Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu’s official residence in Jerusalem on Tuesday, July 21, from where they marched to the Knesset and back. For hours, protestors blocked streets in central West Jerusalem, included Gaza Road, Paris Square, and Ben Tzvi, Ramban, King George, Keren Hayesod, Rupin and Kaplan streets..

  • Nurses Return to Work after 1-day Strike following Deal to Resolve Staffing & Equipment Shortages

    Nurses throughout Israel returned to work Tuesday morning, July 21, ending a one-day strike. The Nurses Union and the Finance Ministry reached an agreement at midnight on Monday to end a general strike that began earlier in the day over labor shortages at Israel’s medical centers. The agreement will see the addition of 2,000 temporary nursing positions and 400 doctors’ positions in the public healthcare system and the hiring of additional administrative and para-medical personnel. A team will be formed to agree on permanent staffing numbers within a month.

  • Nurses Launch Nationwide Strike over Deep, Chronic Staff Shortages

    redglobeThe Nurses’ Union launched a nationwide strike Monday, July 20, following the refusal of the government to meet their demands to fund as many as 2,000 new nursing positions. A day earlier, an inconclusive meeting intended to forestall the strike by nurses around the country was held between the head of the union, Ilana Cohen, and Directory General of the Ministry of Finance, Keren Terner Eyal and other ministry and union officials, but without the glaringly absent Finance Minister Israel Katz. According to a statement issued by the union, the discussion dealt with “the severe shortages and impossible loads being placed on the shoulders of nurses.”

  • Hundreds Return to Balfour Street to Demonstrate Against Netanyahu

    redglobeHundreds of demonstrators gathered outside the official residence of far-right Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu on Balfour Street in west Jerusalem, Thursday evening, July 16, calling on him to resign over the corruption charges which he is currently facing in court, just two days after some 50 persons were arrested there in a similar protest. Among Thursday’s protesters was former Brigadier General Amir Haskel, who told the crowd: “There’s no way that a criminal defendant will be Prime Minister of Israel,” referring to the three indictments for which Netanyahu is on trial.

  • Progressive Coalition Calls on DNC to Condemn Israeli Occupation in Democratic Party Platform

    Today, a coalition of 12 progressive organizations, including CODEPINK, If Not Now Movement, Demand Progress, and Win Without War, released ajoint statement in response to reports that the DNC platform would not include any reference to the decades-long Israeli military occupation of the Palestinian Territories. The joint statement follows aletter, signed by over 100 organizations, to the Biden and Trump campaigns calling for a just and principled foreign policy towards Israel and the Palestinian people.

  • 50 Arrested during Anti-Netanyahu Protest in Heart of West Jerusalem

    redglobeThousands of demonstrators gathered outside of the official residence of Israel’s prime minister’s on Balfour Street in Jerusalem on Bastille Day, Tuesday, July 14, to protest the continued premiership of Benjamin Netanyahu. What began as a small and peaceful protest turned into a mass demonstration, as more and more people spontaneously joined the gathering which continued well into the evening. Several protesters reportedly carried torches and red flags; others clashed with police officers and tried to break through police barricades.

  • Social Workers’ Strike Enters Its Second Week amidst Daily Protests

    redglobeThe nationwide strike of Israel’s social workers entered its second week on Monday, July 13, a day after Shaul Meridor, Director of Budgets within the Finance Ministry, announced that the social workers’ demands to improve their working conditions are “irrelevant.” Meridor is a scion of a privileged right-wing, revisionist family, politically prominent from before the founding of the state. On the very same day, Meridor complained that the government’s plan to extend entitlement for unemployment benefits for hundreds of thousands of jobless and furloughed workers creates “negative incentives” to return to work. Talk about class warfare.

  • Masses Protest in Tel Aviv against Gov’t’s Neoliberal Economic Policy

    redglobeMany thousands of demonstrators, estimates range between 10-30,000, descended on Rabin Square in Tel Aviv on Saturday evening, July 11, to noisily protest the Israeli far-right government’s ineffectual handling of the economic crisis caused by the ongoing coronavirus pandemic, in particular the inadequate financial aid being offered to the unemployed, small business owners and independent professionals. (Mid- to large businesses and banks received governmental assistance almost from the very start of the pandemic.)

  • Apartheid Reigns in the Occupied Territories even before Annexation

    Yesh Din IsraelYesh Din, an Israeli human rights NGO has issued a legal opinion stating that regardless of whether the state’s far-right government moves forward with its plans to annex large parts of the occupied West Bank, it is already upholding a system of apartheid in the occupied Palestinian territories.

    In recent months, Yesh Din’s legal advisor, Atty. Michael Sfard, has examined the question: “According to the principles of international law, is the crime of apartheid being committed in the West Bank?” According the 58-page legal opinion published in June by Yesh Din, Atty. Sfard “arrived at a clear and painful conclusion: ‘The crime against humanity of apartheid is being committed in the West Bank. The perpetrators are Israelis and the victims are Palestinians.’”