14 | 10 | 2019
  • Video footage now shows us another horror perpetrated by U.S. imperialism and its local allies.

    Civilian deaths, as well as those of military personnel, are now mounting as the blitzkrieg unleashed by Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan of the right-wing “Justice and Development” Party (AKP) penetrates deeper into northern Syria, with the stated intention of destroying Kurdish forces there and then settling Syrian refugees, currently  stranded in Turkey, in the area.

  • Wondering where Historians for Peace and Democracy were going, in that essay we posted in June? We’re happy to share part 2, another installment in HPD’s Broadsides for the Trump Era. If you love it, feel free to download the PDF here and spread it around! (Ed.)

  • PAME that represents the class oriented union movement of Greece, expresses its solidarity with the ongoing strike of the workers in the American automaker industry General Motors (GM).

    The company’s profits in recent years have been based on millions of state funding to General Motors, which was also given under the argument of safeguarding its 50,000 workers’ jobs. Profits that were also based on the brutal attack on workers’ rights and salaries. It is again revealed that business groups and governments, in coordination, attack the rights of workers who become the victims, whether in crisis or development.

  • We have noted the detailed version of the US Department of State Report on Adherence to and Compliance with Arms Control, Nonproliferation, and Disarmament Agreements and Commitments (Compliance Report). We would like to make the following points.

    The United States has no legal, moral or political right to assess compliance with these commitments by other countries under bilateral or multilateral agreements and treaties. Each international agreement in this area has its own thorough mechanisms for monitoring compliance. In some cases specialised international agencies are established for this purpose. The US striving to take over this role has no grounds whatsoever and cannot be used as a pretext for making any conclusions.

  • On September 18, the US Embassy in Moscow was where the delivery ceremony took place of 16 valuable historical documents, which had been stolen from Russian archives in the 1990s and eventually surfaced in the United States. The event was attended by representatives of the Russian Ministry of Culture, the Federal Customs Service of Russia and the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Russia. These documents include the executive orders on the awarding of imperial decorations (orders) signed by Emperor Nicholas II, which were issued in one copy and were never published.

  • Editor’s Note:  CPUSA co-chair Rossana Cambron’s presentation was made at the district convention of the Northern California district September 7th.

    We had a great 31st convention: there was a new energy that grew stronger throughout the three days. The question now is where do we go from here? It was clear at the convention that we must grow if we are to have the same impact and relevance as we did during our first 100 years.

  • Six Communist and workers' parties have issued a joint statement in Paris warning against the continuing threat of a new war in the Middle East. Meeting at the Fete de l'Humanite, representatives of parties from Iran, France, Lebanon, Cyprus, Iraq and Britain expressed their concern at the rising tension between the governments of the US and Iran. They also condemned the 'economic warfare' being waged against the people of Iran as the result of US and European Union sanctions and pledged solidarity with forces in that country struggling for democratic and human rights.

    'The sanctions are ruining the Iranian economy with high inflation, factory closures, mass unemployment and scarcity of medical supplies, devastating the lives of working people', accused Tudeh Party of Iran international secretary Navid Shomali.

  • 190910fireBolton

    Washington D.C.: In celebration of today’s announcement that notorious warmonger, John Bolton, has been fired from his position as National Security Advisor to the president, CODEPINK will be hosting a celebration in front of the White House. 

  • Through the electronic channels of the Peopl’es Power Ministry for Foreign Relations, this Friday, the Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela began implementing measures to guide and facilitate the processing of civil and consular documents to Venezuelans residing in the United States.

  • This statement was approved by DSA’s National Political Committee (NPC).

    As land grabbers and plantation owners set fires now raging across huge expanses of the Brazilian Amazon, three national formations of the Democratic Socialists of America – the Ecosocialist Working Group, the Immigrants’ Rights Working Group, and the International Committee – issue our unequivocal condemnation of the colossal and coordinated brutality inflicted by capitalists on the ecosystem and its people,  so integral to the prospects not only of our species, but of all life on our planet. The damage is inextricable from Jair Bolsonaro and his political allies’ explicitly genocidal targeting of Indigenous peoples, Afro-Brazilians and landless workers.

    We demand an immediate cessation to this capitalist arson and the restoration of the self-determination of water and planet protectors in Brazil, in the United States, and in every land scarred by extractivist domination.

  • According to reports, at 15.00 on August 31, two USAF aircraft carried out a raid on the command centre of the Hurras al-Deen armed group located 7 km northeast of the city of Idlib. US Central Command spokesman Lt. Col. Earl Brown said the operation targeted “al-Qaeda leaders responsible for attacks threatening US citizens, our partners, and innocent civilians.” He added that “the removal of this facility will further degrade their ability to conduct future attacks and destabilise the region.” Lieutenant Colonel Brown further said that the United States and its “allies and partners will continue to target violent extremists” because “northwest Syria remains a safe haven” for terrorists.

  • The imposition of trade tariffs by the United States (US) government on the People’s Republic of China is part of a script applied to destabilize the economy of countries, said the President of the Republic, Nicolás Maduro, when asked about the issue, in the Miraflores Palace.

    During an interview with the Chinese news agency Xinhua, Maduro said that the commercial war initiated by the US empire has affected Hong Kong, the vital financial center of the Asian giant, trying to create a serious problem that leads to a global financial debacle.

  • An interview with CP co-chair Joe Sims was recently published by Agoravoxan Italian publication.  The interview was conducted by Maddalena Celano. It has been edited for clarity and length.

    Q. In Italy, when talking about Trump, one of the prevailing arguments states that his election victory reflects a right wing of the American working class, especially the white working class. Do you think the analysis is right? And, beyond its veracity, how could the American left respond to the threat of right-wing populism?

  • The Portuguese Council for Peace and Cooperation (CPPC) expresses its deep concern with the growing military tension in the Persian Gulf promoted by the United States of America, which brought back the threat of a new US war of aggression, this time against Iran, following the US President Donald Trump’s announcement, on May of last year, of withdrawing the US from the Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action on production of nuclear energy by the Islamic Republic of Iran, signed in July of 2015, between the US, China, France, United Kingdom, Russia, Germany, and Iran. The execution of this agreement was monitored by the International Atomic Energy Agency, a UN organization, which was unanimous in attesting that Iran scrupulously fulfilled its part.

  • This statement was approved by DSA’s National Political Committee (NPC).

    This week, Planned Parenthood Federation of America announced that it has been forced out of continuing to receive funding through Title X, a decades-old program for affordable birth control and reproductive healthcare, by the Trump Administration’s new gag rule. This gag rule prohibits groups that provide abortions or abortion referrals from receiving any federal funding under Title X. This means that organizations providing reproductive healthcare services such as Planned Parenthood are now either prohibited from providing or even telling patients about all their healthcare options, or face the loss of millions of dollars that go toward providing other essential healthcare services, such as birth control, breast exams, STD screening and treatment, and PreP. The loss of Title X funds will have an even greater impact on similar independent clinics. Although Planned Parenthood and other providers are continuing to pursue legal options in challenging the rule and legislators have incorporated language into spending packages to prevent its implementation, this rule is a direct attack on the healthcare services available to the working class. It demonstrates yet again how crucial it is for us to demand Medicare for All, including the repeal of the Hyde Amendment and the implementation of full funding for abortion services.

  • This statement was written by DSA Ecosocialists and approved by DSA’s National Political Committee (NPC).

    The Democratic Socialists of America (DSA) Ecosocialist Working Group applauds presidential candidate Bernie Sanders’ groundbreaking Green New Deal policy plan. The Senator’s Green New Deal is not only an ambitious yet achievable proposal to avoid ecological breakdown and spare the world from its worst effects, but also build a world where we can all thrive.

  • This statement was approved by DSA’s National Political Committee (NPC).

    Democratic Socialists of America stands in solidarity with the people of Cuba and categorically opposes the U.S. economic blockade imposed on Cuba by the United States and its allies, as mandated by our 2019 Convention Resolution 62.

    U.S. political and economic policies vis-à-vis Cuba have had a devastating effect on the Cuban people and have hindered the development of ties of solidarity between citizens of our countries. We stand opposed to U.S. imperialism and to economic sanctions or other actions that would undermine the self-determination of the Cuban people. We also oppose the continued existence of the U.S. Naval Base at Guantánomo Bay.

  • This statement was approved by DSA’s National Political Committee (NPC).

    DSA is committed to the full decolonization of all the occupied lands of the United States: self-determination and full sovereignty for Hawai’i; Puerto Rico; Amerika Sāmoa (American Samoa); Guåhån (Guam); Northern Mariana Islands; Virgin Islands; and to all indigenous nations whose ancestral lands are within current U.S. borders; as well as to the independence to all other overseas territories and dependencies controlled, occupied, or otherwise exploited by the USA.

  • When bus drivers on Martha’s Vineyard struck at the height of the tourist season, solidarity from longtime residents, including some DSA activists, helped them win. Key issues for the drivers were wages, which after 14 years of service are capped at $23.50 per hour, and health care, which covers only individual workers, not their families.

    Founding DSA member and union-side labor attorney Jules Bernstein, along with DSA member Virginia Diamond and other progressive residents, helped lead the solidarity effort among residents.  An op-ed by Bernstein in the July 10Martha’s Vineyard Times,under the headline “Union-busting lands on Martha’s Vineyard shores” laid out a strong case for supporting the striking drivers. Management, he pointed out, seemed determined to break the strike and the union to reassert total control over working conditions. Massachusetts senators Edward Markey and Elizabeth Warren, along with Vermont senator Bernie Sanders, supported the union.

  • NEW YORK CITY – September 2019 marks the centennial anniversary of the birth of theCommunist Party, USA. To commemorate this milestone moment in U.S. history the CPUSA will host regional events in Chicago and New York on September 14 and in Los Angeles on September 21.

    Well-known political activists, historians, union and community leaders, including guest speaker Bill Fletcher, will attend the various events.

    Founded in September 1919, the CPUSA was for many years the largest and most influential Marxist organization in the United States.

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